When age or injury create gaps in your smile, you don’t have to live with the results. Instead, you can come to All About Smiles for dental prostheses like dentures. We will gladly assess your mouth and find the best denture option for your situation.

Modern dental prostheses no longer fit uncomfortably or look unnatural. Instead, they allow you to speak and chew without irritation. Dentistry experts also manufacture them so they look indistinguishable from natural teeth. Come to one of our nine locations throughout Pennsylvania to see these dentures for yourself.

Learn More About Our Dental Prostheses

When you need dentures in Cranberry Township, Erie, Washington or surrounding areas, come to All About Smiles for a consultation. We’ll tailor your dentures so they fit your mouth perfectly. Once your dentures have been manufactured, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • A secure fit: When you dentures fit as they should, they’ll stay firmly anchored as you speak and chew. They won’t slide or cause irritation and strain.
  • Improved aesthetics: You’ll have a full set of teeth again, so you don’t need to hide your smile anymore.
  • Improved jaw health: If you lose some or all of your teeth, your jaw has nothing to hold it in alignment. Your jaw could develop problems like TMD if it becomes misaligned. These problems occur because your jaw no longer sits properly, so its muscles and tendons wear in an abnormal way. Dentures keep your jaw in its proper position so it stays healthy and comfortable.

We have served western Pennsylvania since 1978. Because we have such deep roots in the community, we genuinely care about what our friends and neighbors think of us. To that end, we’ll do everything we can to provide you with friendly, professional service.

We also ensure your dentures last with a warranty. Our warranties vary by product, so make sure to ask us about them during your consultation.

Contact Our Office

If you would like dentures call us at 855.61.SMILE (855.617.6453), or visit one of our eight locations: Butler (Downtown & West), Cranberry Township, Erie, Midland, Monaca, Pittsburgh, and Washington.