After you lose a tooth, you might think there’s no way to experience the comfortable, confident feeling of having a full set of teeth. You know about replacements like dentures and bridges, but you’re not sure they’ll look as natural or feel as secure as your natural teeth.

Fortunately, modern dental technology has the perfect solution for you: dental implants. Thanks to this procedure, you can replace multiple missing teeth with realistic, durable false teeth that look and feel like your originals.

If you’re interested in teeth implants, talk to the dentists and oral surgeons at All About Smiles. We have eight offices to serve you better in cities like Erie, PA; Washington, PA; and Cranberry Township, PA. With a little help from us, you’ll smile again soon.

How Implants Work

Unlike bridges, crowns, and dentures, implants permanently fuse to your jawbone. The procedure takes place in two steps. First, an oral surgeon places a titanium post in your jaw. This post holds the false tooth in place—just like your roots used to anchor your missing tooth. This stable implant ensures that your false tooth is as firm and natural-looking as the rest of your smile.

The titanium implant takes around six months to fully fuse to your jawbone. After your bone heals, your dentist secures a false tooth, or single denture, to the implant. This tooth’s color and size will match your other teeth as closely as possible.

How All About Smiles Helps

At our family dentistry practice, we help patients of all ages smile. If you need implant dentistry, our general dentists and oral surgeons will work together to give you the smile you deserve.

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