When you think about getting dentures, you might think about the dentures your parents or grandparents wore. You remember how your grandma’s dentures slipped as she talked, or how your father had to remove his dentures to eat.

Fortunately, today’s dentures aren’t like dentures were in the past. There are many reasons why you have nothing to fear if you get replacement teeth.

You Can Enjoy a Custom Fit

Your new dentures won’t be a “one-size-fits-all” solution like they may have been in the past. Dentists follow a detailed, intricate process to create unique dentures for each patient.

  1. The dentist takes a series of molds of your mouth.
  2. Dental technicians use these molds to create customized dentures.
  3. The patient visits the dentist to try on the dentures and ensure they fit.
  4. The patient continues to visit the dentist every week for four to five weeks so the dentist can make any adjustments to the dentures.

Getting new dentures is a comprehensive process that can take more than a month. The process is well worth it, giving you dentures that feel just like your natural teeth. After the fitting process is complete, you’ll need to visit your dentist periodically to ensure your dentures still fit well.

You’ll Find It Easier to Speak and Eat

Dentures do take some getting used to. When you start to get used to your dentures, you may find it difficult to speak and eat. However, today’s dentures make it easier to speak and eat than dentures did in the past. Modern dentures offer a secure fit and are not as likely to slip. Unlike in the past, you can even learn to eat chewy and crunchy foods with modern dentures.

Plus, modern adhesives allow dentures to fit securely in your mouth and help them avoid slipping. There are two different forms of adhesives: pastes or powders. Some people prefer powder adhesives because they better prevent the dentures from moving away from the oral tissue.

Eating and speaking with dentures is much easier than eating and speaking with missing teeth. Dentures also prevent your facial muscles from sagging, improving the appearance and health of your entire mouth and face.

They Look Natural

In the past, dentures were made of many different materials, including rubber, porcelain, and animal teeth.

Today, most dentures are made of a plastic acrylic called PMMA. When formed into dentures, this plastic looks just like natural teeth. Dentures are also available in many different shapes and colors. There is a wide variety of dentures, just as there is a wide variety of natural teeth.

With improvements in denture appearance, people likely won’t even notice you’re wearing dentures. Thus, you’ll be able to smile more confidently.

You Also Have Permanent Options

Modern dentistry offers patients other permanent options to replace missing teeth.

Implants are metal posts that dentists attach to patients’ jaws. Dentists then fix a crown, or artificial tooth, to each implant. Implants function exactly like natural tooth roots.

For patients who aren’t missing all their teeth, bridges are another permanent option. Bridges are also known as fixed or permanent dentures. A bridge is a series artificial teeth that attach to dental implants on either end of the bridge.

If you want permanent replacement teeth, ask your dentist about implants and bridges.

Whether you’re missing just a couple of teeth or all your teeth, you have a variety of high-quality, long-lasting options. Put your misconceptions of dentures aside and enjoy the comfort and functionality of modern dentures.

A dentist will be happy to talk with you about your options for dentures, implants, and bridges. Call All About Smiles today for an appointment.