Early in Pennsylvania history, dental care was a far cry from what we experience today. If the famous Oneida warrior chief, Monacatootha, ever had dental problems, he probably ignored them or applied herbal remedies.

Luckily, today’s residents of Monaca—the beautiful city bearing the chief’s name—have a much better array of dental choices. Whether you have a toothache or just want cosmetic dentistry in Monaca, PA, you can visit All About Smiles and come away feeling and looking better.

Choose Anything from Braces to Dental Implants in Our Monaca, PA Location

Even if you’re not in pain when you visit us, you may feel anxiety about seeing a dentist. Don’t worry; we do everything we can to make you feel at home. If you have serious anxiety, ask us about sleep dentistry options.

We offer multiple dental services, such as:

Your options have never been more comprehensive than at All About Smiles.

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If you live in Monaca, Freedom, Rochester, Beaver, Conway, Aliquippa or the surrounding areas, come in and see us. We look forward to your next visit. Are you new to us? If so, please download our convenient process guide to make your visit even more helpful.

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